Here at Endless Sonata, we strive for customer satisfaction with our support!

       When ever a guest on our site purchases an instrument, we tend to their needs as quickly as possible while still maintaining precise and clear responses. Here are a few e-mails I have received from various different customers.

From: Vadim D. Musical Experience: N/A
E-Mail: vadimd@pdx.edu
Date: Wednesday October 1st, 2008 4:50 PM PST

Instrument: Cecilio Ebony Fitted German Orchestra Violin Outfit - Size 4/4
Model: CVN-300 Price: $129.99

This violin is beautiful! Perfect work of art. I'm so moved and inspired by it that I can't find words to fully express my self. Let me just share with you one short paragraph from a book "Violin Dreams" by Arnold Aseinhardt that summarizes who much I appreciate this violin.

"When I hold the violin, my left arm stretches lovingly around its neck, my right hand draws the bow across the strings like a caress, and the violin itself is tucked under my chin, a place halfway between my brain and my beating heart. Instruments that are played at arm's length; the piano, the bassoon, the tympani - have a certain reserve build into the relationship. Touch me, hold me if you must, but don't get too close, they seem to say. To play the violin, however, I must stroke its strings and embrace a delicate body with ample curves and scroll like a perfect hairdo fresh from the beauty salon. This creature sings ardently to me day after day, year after year, as I embrace it."

Wow, I'm just speechless...

It's a beautiful instrument that produces incredible music! :)

Thank you! Thank you very much!

Vadim D.

From: Patricia Whitney Musical Experience: N/A
Date: Tuesday September 23rd, 2008 6:51 AM PST

Instrument: Cecilio Oil Finish Flamed Solid Wood Cello - Size 4/4
Model: CCO-600 Price: $999.99

Hi Jason!

Just a quick note to tell you that I have fallen in love with my new cello! I was a bit surprised that it came without the strings on, but certainly understand the reasoning behind that. I took it to a luthier who looked it over and put a set of strings on it [I opted for a different set than the ones sent with the cello.] I am going to rate it on your website and hopefully the rating I give it will inspire some confidence in a potential buyer who is timid about buying a cello sight unseen. I must admit that I was nervous about it. THANK YOU for all your support and prompt responses to all my questions. You will have an edge over many other websites in that you take such an interest in the individual and provide such good customer support.

Patricia Whitney

From: Anieta Jones Musical Experience: N/A
E-Mail: lilmotoxmom@yahoo.com
Date: Thursday August 28th, 2008 1:36 AM PST

Instrument: Cecilio 2Series Blue Lacquer Alto Saxophone
Model: AS-280BL Price: $419.99

You guys are wonderful, I received the sax on wednesday morning, I was totally expecting it to come on thursday. Don't know how you did it but It is truelly appreciated. I'm going to give your web address to my sons band teacher, So if any other kids need something they can check you out. I know my son is going to take that blue sax in class and the other kids are going to be jealous. Jason thanks so much for your kind help, and getting it here so quick. You are great!
Anieta Jones

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