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Our instruments and the attention they procure from us, does it make a difference? Absolutely! Just due to the fact that an instrument does not require batteries, oil, or other modern technology doesn't mean it can be left alone. These instruments still need great care and attention to stay in top condition. So it is made of wood or metals and there is a coating of varnish and other synthetic chemicals but that does not relinquish the fact that these instruments need care.

An instrument is like an artists tool, no not like, it is an artists tool. Can a painter paint with immense elegance with a brush that he never cleans? Can a sculptor chisel his materials with a dulled edge? So what makes a musician able to play with a weathered instrument?

Take care of your instruments and in return your music will be louder, graceful, and elegant. Please use our guides to keep your instruments in outstanding condition thus enabling you to create majestic sounds even longer.

When I was a kid, I began playing the Violin at age 7 and it was fun and frustrating at the same time. I remember once I left my Violin alone for a whole entire summer break. School started and my music classes begun again. Right when I took out my Violin and I began to tune it, 3 of the strings snapped. It scared me and made me jump in front of my classmates and after school I also got lectured by my mother. Ever since, I made sure to keep a watchful eye on the environment I place my instruments in. Just a personally disaster but it wasn't my only one. No matter how careful you are, sometimes things just slip our mind.

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